Family Counselling

Our family counsellor is passionate about supporting, nurturing and developing families in their different forms. As society continues to redefine what makes a family, we want to focus on good family functioning, no matter what the family structure looks like: blended families, families where children are adopted, families without children, and families in which close friends are part of the unit. At the heart of any family are relationships and identities.

Family counselling is a type of therapy that focuses on the relational aspects within family units. The function and health of the family system are essential to the whole family. Sanity Care is dedicated to supporting and promoting all aspects of family unity and providing counselling on marriage and family relationships, parenting difficulties, blended families, and those suffering from pain and suffering grief resulting from separation or divorce.

Family therapy services are often very helpful in helping individuals and adolescents with low self-esteem, depression, grief, loss, substance abuse, self-injury, anger and mental health issues. Working with the whole family together, or with some family members, creates healing opportunities that might not otherwise occur in individual therapy. A well-functioning family is likely to have less tension and conflict, greater satisfaction, better mental health, and better physical health for all its members, adults and children.

If your family could benefit from therapy, contact Sanity Care