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Private Care

Don’t have access to NDIS? We offer privately funded services tailored to you.

Competitive Rates Home Care

Private home care in your residence is within your reach with our highly competitive rates.

We continue to provide essential care and support for the older people in our community. Our In-Home Care service is designed to help individuals keep on living at home autonomously and safely. The objective is to give the care and support you need in your home so you can stay there easily. We offer private in-home care services because government subsidy home care packages can have a long hold up time.

Home Care Services should comply with a Care Plan developed with you and your service provider. Home Care services do not require the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Therefore, your health should be stable, and you do not require monitoring by medical personnel. In addition, your medication must be provided in an approved aid such as a Webster pack or Dosette box.

Who Can Receive Privately Funded Home Care?

Do you need home care services immediately? Are you looking to tailor your care to meet the exact services you need? Do you want more care in addition to your Home Care Package? (like topping up your care needs). Are you Waiting for government funding but need care services while you wait? Not eligible to receive subsidised Home Care?
Private in-home services can also be accessed by people living in residential aged care or retirement villages as an add-on to any services or support they currently receive. We can help you! Give us a call today.

Benefits of Privately Funded Home Care

Private in-home care is right for you—no waiting lists, assessments, or restrictions, with services available on a long or short-term basis.

No matter your age, domestic assistance and home support services are available on a self-funded basis. However, suppose you are aged 65 years and over. In that case, you may qualify for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) or a Home Care Package (HCP).

Sanity Care is proud to assist the elderly to stay living independently in their own homes for longer. We provide private home care services and shortly will offer government-funded packages underpinned by Consumer Directed Care Principles.

Care in Your Own Home

Private in-home care can help you or a loved one remain in your own home, promoting well-being and recovery from illness, with a range of care options available from 2 hours to full 24/7 care. Caring for someone, whether they have a disability, dementia or need extra assistance due to ageing, can be a huge task. Sanity Care provides professional in-home care services tailored to your needs. Quality services assist you to remain independent in your own home.

Qualified and experienced staff respect your unique strengths, capabilities and cultural background and work with you to determine what you can and want to do in life. In-home care services can assist you with ordinary activities, which you usually attempt for yourself; however, you can’t do it because of sickness, disability or weakness. In-home care services must stick to the care plan created with you and your service provider.

NDIS participants – Whether you require 24×7 support or 2 hour’s support, through your Supported Independent Living Plan to accessing the community with your Core Supports, we offer a range of supports services around daily living activities, including the following clusters from the NDIS: If you are NDIA managed, a self-managed, or plan managed NDIS participant, choosing Sanity Care to provide your support is simple. Take the first step today.

Step 1: Get in touch with us, contact us.
Step 2: Meet with our service coordinator.
Step 3: Start receiving your services.

Private In-Home Care Services

We are specialized in planning and implementing 24 /7 care for participants who need help in their home or are discharging from hospital care. Services are based on your individual needs, allowing you to specify the type of care you receive and how it is provided. This help includes:

  • Personal or domestic assistance

  • Social and recreational support

  • Shopping & meals

  • Mobility support

  • Supervision of medicines

  • Companionship and Transport

  • Transportation

  • Mobility equipment

  • Household maintenance

  • Respite Care

  • Overnight and 24-hour care

  • Nursing Care

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