Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Attending therapy is a safe way to unload problems, with the assistance of a qualified professional. Sometimes we suffer from negative feelings, and then we may decide to engage in risky behaviour as a coping mechanism, or turn to drugs and alcohol. To overcome these behaviours, your best bet is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at Sanity Care.

Promoting Positive Change

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT is a psychotherapeutic approach used by therapists to help promote positive change in people, by analysing their thought patterns, their feelings and behavioural issues. Having difficulties with irrational thinking, dysfunctional thoughts and faulty learning are identified and then treated using CBT.

We’ve all had time where we overthink things, or can’t get something out of our minds. This can cause negativity. When these feelings become destructive, or they prevent us from living our lives, because of recurrent thoughts or negativity, CBT can help you notice your typical thought patterns,  challenge them, and aid you in developing new connections. At the end, new thoughts can be established.

Sanity Care is poised to help you become aware of the thought distortions and behavioural patterns that might be causing you distress. If you want to correct them, contact Sanity Care.