Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling can help you learn new skills to help restore and strengthen your relationship with your spouse and your family. We provide couples with a secure space for reconnection, healing and restoring. Couples often come to Sanity Care experiencing despair, anxiety, deep wounds, anger, fear and bitterness. All couples experience pressures and conflicts in their relationships over time – this is normal and natural. How the couple manages these pressures will make the difference between those couples who thrive and those who struggle.

Sanity Care focuses on hope and strives to strengthen the couple’s love, their ability to trust, to act with respect, to deal with harms, betrayals and disappointments, to manage the pressures of life, to create pleasure and companionship, to practice healthy communication, and to find pleasure in a satisfying sex life.

Typical issues discussed during marital counselling

  • Unhealthy communication

  • An absence of an emotional relationship

  • Broken trust, betrayal and disbelief

  • Pornography and other kinds of addiction

  • The toxic effects of anger, resentment and bitterness

  • Trauma and abuse in the past

  • Difficulties with the family and extended family

  • Conflict over parenting, career trends, financial issues, how to spend quality time, etc.

  • Problems in the couple’s sex life

Marriage Counselling in Crises and Trauma

Sometimes crises can arise, such as a severe illness, trauma, abortion, miscarriage, the death of a child or loved one, infertility, a suicide of a family member, mental illness, job loss, and other trauma. This puts tremendous pressure on a marriage and marriage counselling can provide an essential space for empathy, wisdom and attentive listening.

Divorce and separation counselling

Unfortunately, divorce is common in Australia – especially at around the 12 years of marriage milestone. Divorce might be common, but that doesn’t make it easy. There are plenty of complications in divorce: relocating, reorganising finances, restructuring social lives, arranging custody, and re-entering the dating scene when you’re ready. Our divorce and separation specialists assist you to emotionally alter to the separation, offer you with safe surroundings, and assist you to negotiate confidently and make decisions about the care of your children.

Sanity Care provides a safe space to feel painful emotions, share stories and our hold broken heart carefully. Contact us today if you need Marriage Counselling.