Couples Counselling

Having relationship troubles that you and your partner cannot resolve alone? When was the last time you felt happy in your relationship? Are you both on different pages?  Attending couples counselling sessions can help couples develop strategies for improving their relationships. Personal and emotional growth leads to stable committed relationships, helping couples to develop trust and feel connected. Such trust and connection occurs when people feel safe in disclosing their most profound and innermost self to their partners.

Some of the different kinds of couples counselling we offer

Pre-marital counselling

Pre-marital counselling prepares two people for a lifelong commitment together and helps them to make sure they are compatible. They will gain insight into their companion’s character, lifestyle expectations, communication style, interests, values and priorities, cultural history, parenting style and beliefs.  At pre-marital counselling, the therapist might also highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the relationship, and can equip couples with better decision-making strategies. Read more about pre-marital counselling here.

Romantic counselling:

There are many reasons as to why couples might be seeking romantic counselling: different desires or priorities, mismatched sexual desire, or poor sexual intimacy, and infidelity. These issues are often not in isolation, but occur alongside other relationship issues. There could be a combination of issues causing romantic or intimacy problems. Couples therapy can help you to understand each other’s different desires, and to identify and address issues causing discord in the relationship (both emotional and bodily). We work together with you to increase trust and intimacy and me can work to understand any underlying issues which may be contributing to or exacerbating marital disharmony.

Some common problem areas that bring people to couples or relationship counselling

  • Frequent arguments, or a repeated argument about the same issue(s).

  • differences in sexual needs, lack of sexual connection, or other difficulties with sexual intimacy.

  • affairs/sexual infidelity.

  • lack of trust or jealousy.

  • conflicts over parenting or conflict with family members.

  • conflict about financial or career matters.

  • conflict about gambling, addictions or other behaviours.

  • unfulfilled emotional needs.

  • feeling hurt, angry, neglected or disrespected.

At Sanity Care, our skilled couples’ therapist has all the skills and training to help couples build intimacy and resolve their difficulties.