Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Independent living your way

Daily tasks/shared living is one of the core NDIS services, and is aimed at providing assistance to participants, particularly in shared home environments. At Sanity Care, we’re passionately committed to providing this service to NDIS participants to assist them in living rich, independent lives by developing the skills of all our clients to live as autonomously as possible.

What sets us apart is our client approach. Rather than maintaining a purely clinical interaction, we always listen to the client to try and understand their circumstance, with our highly trained and specialised staff helping to set goals unique to each client. By developing and fostering personal skills this way, we provide a holistic pathway to empowering all our participants.

Daily Assistance for all disabilities

Providing daily assistance with ongoing tasks might be simple for some, but we understand how much it varies from person to person. Our rich history of working alongside the CALD (culturally and lingually diverse) as well as counselling services to people from all walks of life mean that we are completely client-centred, understanding the nuance and intricacies of each individual and their needs.

With our daily task services (supported by our independent living specialists), we’re able to assist with long-term goals as well as day to day tasks, such as;

  • Daily tasks: Cleaning, washing, bathing, shipping and general day to day tasks.

  • One to one carer support: Individual support and interaction with our highly qualified and specialised staff.

  • Self care and accommodation support: Assisting with self-sustained life, including accommodation needs and personal development.

  • Short-term & long-term residency: Providing short-term accommodation, assisting with long-term search and any and all transitions in between.

  • Budgeting and skills: Helping to manage budgeting and financial skills, especially as your plan shifts and changes, along with your needs.

  • Social skills and relationships: Helping with your social world, from neighbours and housemates to family and friends, building positive relationships.

  • Assisting with written communication and admin: Assisting with completing forms, paying bills and general life admin.

  • Appointment help: Supporting you as you attend various appointments, from medical and social to job interviews and more.

  • General health and well-being: Working alongside you to look at your life in one big picture, and helping improve as you want.

Our focus is completely centred on the client and their specific needs and wants, both currently and long-term. Just contact us to learn how we can make your daily life easier.

Shared living services

Shared living is the most common home life that NDIS participants experience. Having housemates that you can journey through life with can be very rewarding and exciting, but isn’t without its challenges. Our team have a wide experience working with clients to not only function in their surroundings, but thrive in them.

Part of our shared living service is the assistance provided with making your goals and daily life something that welcomes others, rather than being insular and isolating. We’re here to assist with facilitating discussion, setting up equitable and comfortable spaces, and daily improvement (and much more too!).

Contact us today to see how we can enrich and empower you in your daily life for a better experience.