Parenting Counselling

At Sanity Care, we’ll help you to understand that parenting isn’t only raising children, but helping your children to be responsible and well-behaved in the community, and to reach their goals in life. Children that haven’t been trained, tutored, nurtured, and strengthened by their caregivers may experience problems financially, morally, mentally and even societally.

Parenting Support

Parenting support is the best way to learn about parenting. Our discussion topics in our sessions focus on the groundwork of parenting and are based on the latest evidence-based research relating to parenting. We encourage and build capable parents by encouraging good attitudes and practices in nurturing children.

We ensure that children get their primary needs met with proper care. And we can help you to raise your children by showing love without difference or disparity, and shaping you to be role models for your children.


Caring for a new baby is tough and we’re not always sure how to do it. It can be lonely, and you can miss the support from your partner, family and friends. We can be low in strength, lacking in energy and/or motivation and, of course, tired and exhausted. Most of us will feel overwhelmed and many of us experience post-natal depression. There could also be further issues making parenting a newborn difficult, like health or developmental issues. Sanity Care can talk you through all of this and more.


As a parent of a preschool child, you might be concerned if your child is experiencing: Developmental delays — language problems and social or emotional immaturity; problems referring to peers and grown-ups— (autistic spectrum disorder); Behavioural issues—aggressive at home or school; Continually arguing and not listening to you; Sleep problems—refusing to stay in bed or sleep in their own bed; Nightmares after trauma; Apprehensive or tense about leaving you or the home/refuses to stay in day-care; Problems adjusting to new life after adoption; Frequent and/or intense mood-tantrums which are hard to govern; or problems adjusting after divorce. Sanity Care can help you through all of this and more.

We will focus on the issues that concern you the most relating to your children. If you’re keen to learn new parenting skills contact Sanity Care.