Therapeutic Support

We recognise and appreciate diversity and adapt our approach to meet the needs of every individual and every family. Our goal is to help create stronger and more inclusive communities as part of a comprehensive approach to Disability Services, and this includes Therapeutic Support. We focus on the specific outcomes you want from therapy and work with you to identify, plan and work towards your goals. We work with other health and community support groups, including family, friends and support networks and informal caregivers.

Our therapists are highly experienced and qualified in current best practices and have been carefully selected for their ability to develop positive and cooperative relationships with you. Our priority is to ensure that our customers feel comfortable, listened to and respected. Our services are easy to access and or we can provide services wherever you are: at home or in your community. If required, our clients can access a combination of coordinated, integrated and therapeutic support.

We offer the following therapeutic support

  • General Counselling Support

  • Individual Counselling

  • Relationship Counselling

  • Couples Counselling

  • Families Counselling

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Strategic goal planning

  • Confidence building strategies

  • Trauma Counselling (Grief and Loss Counselling)

  • Career planning and guidance

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Personal Development

  • Sexual Abuse Counselling

  • Life Transitions

  • Depression and Anxiety Counselling

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