Pre-marital Counselling

Our pre-marital counselling can prepare you for challenges but is also a beautiful part of setting you up to be a team for life. We help you to build the skills you’ll need to face the inevitable pressures, problems and conflicts of marriage before they arise. We help your budding relationship to grow and flourish while you work towards a satisfying, safe and rewarding marriage.

Pre-marital counselling sessions

Sanity Care recommends that you commit to 6 sessions for a few hours per week, 4 to 7 months before your wedding date. This gives you the time and space to increase your understanding of yourself and your partner’s personality, temperament, family history, and differences, and will make it easier for you to lay a solid foundation for your future. Pre-marital counselling sessions are designed to meet your unique needs as a couple and will include some of the following common areas of pre-marital counselling:

  • The essential needs of husband and wife

  • The five love languages

  • Understanding and managing differences

  • The balance of proximity and distance

  • Sex and passion

  • Communicating and listening actively

  • Relationship roles

  • Conflict resolution

  • Financial administration

  • Children and parenting

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