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Sanity Care and Family Therapy offers Christian counselling, family therapy services and NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) services. Our clients are diverse, and our services are open to everyone, regardless of your age, ability, gender, sexual preference, culture, ethnicity, or faith. We provide a confidential counselling service for people who need help with personal problems, and we support you through to wellness.

At Sanity Care, we foster acceptance and hope. Counselling provides an opportunity to explore your issues – whatever is going on for you – in a non-judgmental and empathetic setting. We give you the time and space you need to be able to talk, to open up, to let off steam and to think and feel through the situation you are facing. Counselling can provide you with a sense of control over your response to your life and its challenges. And counselling can help you to deepen your self-reflection and the process of self-understanding. We all need to feel heard and to feel understood, and the team at Sanity Care is ready to listen.

Take the next step in your journey and contact Sanity Care, because where there’s love, there’s life.

Counselling helps you to love your life

Sanity Care can help you with all of these concerns and more. There are all kinds of reasons people come to see a counsellor, but if you haven’t been to therapy, you might be a little curious about how it all works and whether it’s right for you. We will answer your questions and help you with your concerns in a comfortable and caring environment. And the more you commit to the counselling process, the better you will feel. We look forward to working together with you and helping you find clarity so that you can grow.


  • Are you facing difficulty and need to speak to a compassionate counsellor to see how counselling can help you?

  • Are you having personal or relationship troubles and wondering if counselling will help?

  • Are you depressed or careworn and not sure what counselling can do for you?

  • Is something bothering you and you need someone to listen?

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

A core strength of Sanity Care is that we provide genuinely culturally-specific understanding. Many of our team members are trained in working cross-culturally and we can empower you to participate in your local community. The National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) has helpfully drawn attention to how people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds are likely to experience discrimination in their lives. CALD people may be discriminated against by the wider community because of their race, and they may face discrimination within their own cultural group and the wider community because of their disability.

Sanity Care can assist CALD people with disability through: education and advocacy; defending your rights; sharing knowledge with you; helping you to understand and accept your disability, and working with you for assessment and identification by the NDIA so you can access support; developing your plan with the NDIA; providing the services covered by your plan; and connect you with the support you need.

There are some distinct difficulties that people in the CALD community with disability face

Sanity Care is uniquely qualified to help. We are well aware of:

  • The language and communication barriers, which pose problems for access to services

  • The lack of understanding within and without the CALD community of the complex needs, cultural backgrounds, and practices of CALD people who live with disability

  • Disability stigma in some CALD communities

  • Perception – some CALD people with disability are unable to access the services which would legally recognise their disability

Our Services

Our Disability Services

Take the next step in your journey and contact Sanity Care, because where there’s love, there’s life.

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