Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people discover inner peace through a highly interactive and therapeutic approach to counselling and care for every client with disability and their families. We provide personalised counselling and disability support services, with the mission of improving the mental health and well-being of our community. We are passionate about a world where everyone belongs and everyone grows. We’re on this journey with you!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a vibrant and healthy community of happy people through quality and excellent mental health and disability services. We aim to support individuals and families through their journey and all the different stages of life transitions. Our vision is inclusion and acceptance for each person to be their best selves are communities where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to and participate in their community.

Our Values

  • Respect

    Our core value, the defining word for Sanity Care, is respect.  Respect for the client, and respect for our team is central to how we operate. We strive each day to develop mutual respect and act responsibly in all our relationships.

  • Integrity

    We uphold high-quality, ethical, professional and non-judgemental standards and practices. We want each of our counselling and disability services to be carried out with the utmost integrity.

  • Person-Centred Service

    We understand that every individual is unique, so we respect your choices and decisions. We employ a flexible, evidence-based approach and put our clients at the centre of everything we do.

  • Collaboration

    We work closely with our client, and partner with other like-minded service providers, professionals and businesses to best support our clients. Together, we are stronger.

 Why Choose us

  • Holistic Approach

    Our approach is Holistic, and we provide the support that looks at the whole person, not just their mental health needs. Our support also considers your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. We are driven by Commitment and effective care.

  • It is All about You

    You are in the centre of everything we do. We focus on understanding what you want to achieve so that we can design your support services around you. We respect your choice and decisions as we work with you to build your capacity and independence.

Take the next step in your journey and contact Sanity Care, because where there’s love, there’s life.