Plan Management

NDIS plans are complicated and time-consuming, but Sanity Care can manage your plan for you, giving you choice and freedom.

Managing your NDIS plan can be complicated and time-consuming. Whether there is provision for plan management in your NDIS plan or if you simply need a helping hand sorting out what you can and can’t claim, we can assist you with your plan and we can manage it for you. We look after managing the financial side of your plan such as claiming from the NDIA, paying your providers, processing your expenses and providing you with monthly statements. Sanity Care are registered NDIS providers, so we are here to help you with informed and non-judgemental support that allows you choice and flexibility. And the great news is there is no cost to you if you have “plan management” or “improved life choices” included in your NDIS plan.

As your nominated plan manager, this what Sanity Care helps you with:

  • Keeping track of your spending and NDIS budgets

  • Choosing providers – NDIS registered or not

  • Service and item payments

  • Fast payments – less than 5 days, in most cases

  • Uploading receipts to the NDIS portal within the required timeframe

  • Monthly statements sent by email

  • Expert advice on the NDIS and making claims

  • No out-of-pocket expenses

  • Handling the paperwork and storing it securely in case of audit

If you don’t have time to self-manage but you want the flexibility and control it provides, then please get in contact with Sanity Care today. We’re here to take the guess work out of managing your plan.

If your NDIS plan includes Plan Management, then contact Sanity Care for access to support.

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