Respite Care

Sanity Care offers a wide range of services that support you in your carer role. We realize that caring for someone can be physically and emotionally stressful, and regular breaks can help relieve stress and fatigue. We have a range of options available for full- or part-time caregivers, so you have the flexibility to take a break while the person you care for has a positive and meaningful experience tailored to their needs. Respite care can enable you to focus on yourself and other family members and reconnect with your life.

We can provide:

  • Care during the day or overnight

  • Ongoing services or emergency care in a short time

  • Several short visits within one day

  • Longer services such as in-service care

Our temporary care services include:

  • Preparing and cooking meals

  • Social activities such as table games or handicrafts

  • Housework such as cleaning or washing

  • Excursions and transport within the community

  • Personal care such as dressing and bathing

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