Professional Supervision

Supervision for Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Therapist

Supervision is an essential part of the counselling, psychotherapy, and psychological process. We care deeply about your work and identify your strengths and future goals. Together we can create a safe environment that meets your unique needs. You can trust us to encourage you to think in ways that promote personal growth through self-discovery and collaborative work.

People of various ages ethnicity and ability

If you are a student or professional health practitioner, let’s see how we can collaborate to make your work more client-focused, ethically driven, and personally satisfying. Our supervision services are for counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, and other health care providers. Supervision is critical for your therapy goals, training and continuing education in techniques that benefit your clients and keep you abreast of new treatment modalities.

What is Professional Supervision in Practice?

Professional Supervision recognises the need for ongoing professional development and the importance of supporting professional growth and transition. ACA members must complete annual supervision leading up to their next renewal date. Ongoing supervision is necessary to maintain professional development, professional networks and knowledge exchange opportunities.

Professional supervision is the way you check you are talking about the right things with your client. It is the measure of everyone’s work against one another and not in isolation. Professional assessment and supervision is an integral part of training to maintain a level of quality. This day to day management process will ensure that your training leads to strong counselling skills and therapeutic support work.

Who needs to have a Professional Supervisor?

  • All ACA registered practising counsellors;

  • Any person whose job has a large component that involves them dealing with people in crisis;

  • Most professionals who work in the Human Services industry;

  • Any other person who believes it would be advantageous;

  • Professional Supervisors

  • Psychotherapist

  • Social workers

  • Pastors

Our Supervisor

Sanity Care’s Daniel Weldemichial is qualified to offer professional supervision sessions for therapists, and he is an active member of the ACA. He joined the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) – as a registered supervisor through the ACA’s College of Supervision and as a Level 2 counsellor. Daniel Weldemichial is Accredited Supervisor and Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). Daniel has extensive supervision experience and actively participates in ongoing training and professional development.

Aims of Professional Supervision

  • to enhance supervisees’ skills, competence and confidence

  • to provide a reflective space and emotional support

  • to provide assistance with professional development

  • to ensure that services to clients are safe, ethical, and competent

  • to ensure compliance with professional and organisational treatment standards & practice

What to expect

Professional supervision is not just about meeting agency or regulatory needs (such as registration bodies)—it’s about helping clients get the most out of their mental health care system. With experience comes wisdom, real-world knowledge, industry knowledge, and a strong understanding of how things work in a counselling setting. Supervision at Sanity Care.

  • All supervision sessions are 60 mins and can be extended up to 2 hours if necessary.

  • Individual supervision

  • Group supervision (3-6 people in a group)

  • Delivery options available, both in person and online.

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